Incorporating Technology in Safety Training

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Some of the main products we offer in Pulsar Fire & Safety Include:

Satutory Safety Training

We offer; Fire Safety, Fire Marshall, Occupational First Aid, Occupational & Safety Training, Chemical Safety & Work at Height Safety

Statutory Audits

Pulsar Fire Safety offers statutory audits in the following areas; Occupational Safety & Health Audit, Fire Safety Audit, Environmental Audit & Noise Survey

Fire Fighting Equipment

We supply, install and maintain fire fighting equipment. We service the fire extinguishers & refill them. We supply & install fire alarm systems & safety signage

What makes us different from the rest.

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Pulsar Fire & Safety is guided by this principles in every service we offer.

Preservation of lives

All our services are centered on preservation of life. Ensuring zero loss of lives.

Protection of Property

Protecting the property from damage and having minimal or no loss is our driving force.

Business Continuity

Our trainings are ensure that your business continuity staff are trained to avoid injuries.

Business Organization

Our products are tailored for each company to ensure we suit them best. Bespoke Trainings.


Pulsar Fire & Safety has a dedicated team of experts that have more than 5 years experience in statutory training.

Work PLace Safety

Our products are designed to ensure safety at work. We curb injuries, illness & fatalities.

We work in partnership with all the major safety equipment providers

There are many variations of safety, but we focus on fire, occupational, chemical & work at heights safety.